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We All Share Downtown Indy

We work here, play here, eat here, stay here. It’s a hub for 20,000 residents, 120,000 professionals, 56,000 students, and millions of sports fans and convention-goers.

As many as 8,000 homeless also call Indianapolis home. We want to give, help, enact change, but we need to know how. The goal is to make action accessible for everyone who comes downtown.

Do you Know Outlets to support Indy’s homeless?

The Campaign

What Is Know Outlets?

The Know Outlets campaign is administered by the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention (CHIP), with leadership from Downtown Indy, and supported by Indianapolis businesses, organizations, and individuals. The goal is to educate Indianapolis residents, visitors, and business owners on what outlets are available to support Indy’s homeless population in order to improve the lives of our city’s homeless in the most meaningful ways possible.

How will we use the funds?

Direct services to the homeless

Funds raised by the Know Outlets campaign will directly benefit the Professional Blended Outreach Street Team, a consortium providing first-response services for Indianapolis' homeless population. The teams are made up of 43 professionals from 16 organizations including local law-enforcement, nonprofits, and health and mental health entities. Facilitated by CHIP, the Professional Outreach Team serves as the front line of service for providing basic food and supplies to each person, with the goal of developing a relationship with each person encountered and connecting him or her with the resources to transition them into permanent housing.

In 2013, the Professional Outreach Team had interactions with 697 different individuals in Indianapolis. With access to more funds, the Professional Outreach Team can help more individuals and families reach the necessary services to return them to self-sufficiency.

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The Impact

Outreach Teams


Homelessness in Indianapolis touches all types of people—men, women, veterans, families, and teens. Many suffer from mental health challenges, job loss, or domestic violence, but all of them need support.

The Professional Blended Street Outreach Team, which Know Outlets funds will directly benefit, works to match homeless individuals with services that will best meet their needs with the ultimate goal of helping each individual become self-sufficient.

Outreach team members are on the streets weekly Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Team members can also respond to requests for assistance.

Contact the Professional Outreach Team

To reach the Professional Blended Street Outreach Teams: email or call (888) 724-1471.

When the Team receives a request for assistance, it is distributed to all Team members to identify the most readily available and appropriate responder for a particular need.

The Outreach Team does have a limited capacity, but there will be a response to request within 24 hours for non-emergency situations.

For emergencies, like securing shelter, the response time will be no longer than 4 hours.

Outreach Team Stories

“The Professional Outreach Team helps individuals like Jennifer*, a homeless woman in Indianapolis who faced domestic violence and was initially resistant to external assistance. Through recurring contact over several months, the teams helped her obtain identification and referred her to employment programming and Horizon House. After two months in a shelter, she was stable enough to interview for jobs and transition to an apartment of her own.” - Wayne, Salvation Army

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”Recently, a Seattle mother reached out to CHIP in the middle of the night, worried about the safety and well-being of her son, Mike. She knew he was living on the streets in Indianapolis and had serious health concerns. Mike’s family had bought him a plane ticket to come back to Seattle to live with them and treat some of his needs, but he missed his flight. He had called his mother once since missing the flight, but she was unable to reach him after that.

Mike and his mother

Mike’s mother knew the area where she thought he was staying and arranged travel to Indianapolis to look for him. She was worried that his existing health concerns and that the cold weather made him vulnerable to hypothermia or worse. After she reached out to CHIP, they immediately connected her with the Professional Blended Street Outreach Team. Outreach Team members went out with the mother looking for Mike and found him in an abandoned building. He was very ill, weak and close to giving up all hope.

Because of the clear communication network and formalized relationships between PBSOT, IMPD Homeless Outreach Team and CHIP, the mother was able to connect with the right partners at the right time. As of February 2015, his condition remains guarded, but he is determined to get well.”


”One man we saw this past winter had been out on the street for over 25 years. He was engaged with our Professional Blended Street Outreach Team because of a struggle with frostbite. He was admitted to the hospital and refused surgery. Eventually, we had to release him back to the streets because there was nothing we could do for him. Through coordinated efforts of many different agencies and the Professional Outreach Team, we were eventually able to successfully get him into the hospital and agree to amputations and care he needed.

As he was recovering at the clinic, John was amazed by his access to a refrigerator and a blender. While he continued to get better, the access to these utilities was what convinced him he needed to move into permanent housing after being on the streets for so many years.

Through working with Horizon House, John was able to obtain stable housing and a phone – the first time he had ever had a phone of his own. This has also allowed staff to keep in touch with him to make sure he was making progress and adjusting to living within four walls. They continue to follow up and work with him to make sure he is doing well and making progress.”


“Regina, a woman we ran across in our outreach efforts, was chronically homeless with a history of alcohol abuse. The Professional Outreach Team had been increasingly concerned about her because she was very ill and wouldn’t go in to seek any kind of treatment. The teams brought a doctor out, who told her she needed to go to the emergency room, which she refused. A doctor on one of the teams was able to do an informal exam and give her some advice about what he thought was happening medically. She agreed to go to hospital the next day because the teams had made a connection with her. She trusted them. The teams later found out that she had called an ambulance just an hour after the outreach team had left her site and was admitted to the hospital for recovery. She was then able to go into an alcohol treatment program, which was very successful. This woman was able to get the kind of help she needed through the coordinated outreach efforts of the Professional Blended Street Outreach Team.”


“Latoya, a woman in her early twenties who struggled with severe mental illness, came in as a referral from the Professional Outreach Team. She had been chronically homeless for years and would leave and come back every few weeks. She had also had a child who was removed from her custody at the time. Through working through mental health treatment provided by partners of the teams, she has been able to improve. Latoya will be in stable housing next week, is connected with mental health services and has started the reunification process to have her son back in her custody.”


“Andy had been living in the jungle for quite some time and hadn’t been able to get into a health center. He had acute abdominal pain was losing substantial weight. The Professional Blended Street Outreach Team was able to engage with him in his tent and made a special appointment for him to come into the clinic. Ultimately, he came in for his evaluation, and we found that he needed to have surgery. Andy was able to get the surgery he needed and recovered. He has placed his name on the list for permanent housing, and is doing well overall.”


“Ashley came in off the streets as a trafficking victim who had made it to Indianapolis. She was picked up and arrested and came to us looking for services. She had a history of trauma and struggled with PSTD. We brought her in our doors and sat down with her that evening. Later, she said, “You didn’t asked why I had come. You were just glad to see me and wanted to help.”

Ashley didn’t answer phone calls for sex work that night. Through one of the Salvation Army’s connections with the Professional Outreach Team, she was connected to the Wheeler Mission Program. She is now steadily employed and looking for housing. Through taking advantage of services for the teams, she has found herself and her voice and is well on her way to self-sufficiency.”

Names changed for privacy purposes

*Names changed for privacy purposes

The Outlets


Your Outlets To Help

Do you know outlets to support Indy’s homeless? Working together, we have the ability to make a big impact in their lives and revitalize downtown.

If you need immediate assistance for a homeless person, call Connect2Help at 2-1-1. Explore additional ways to share, give, and contribute from the options below.

  • Outlets For Individuals
  • Outlets For Businesses


Share The Campaign

Know Outlets is a dialogue, not a monologue. Help us start the conversation about solutions to homelessness in Indy by talking about #KnowOutlets in your personal, professional, and social networks.

Here are some messages that you can use to tweet and post about the campaign:

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Get In The Know

Download digital information cards that can be printed, posted online, or used in a digital information board.

Includes Twitter profile pic and cover image, Facebook profile pic and cover image,
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Outlets For Businesses

Pack Purchases & Sponsorships

Educate your customers on outlets to support Indy’s homeless. As a business owner in Downtown Indianapolis, you and your customers face Indy’s homeless population on a daily basis. We all share downtown spaces and are all impacted when someone has nowhere to go, so let’s work together to connect resources with those who need it most.

Equip your staff and customers with information to help Indy’s homeless including consolidated giving methods and referrals to local resources for the homeless.

As a business owner, you have the option to purchase a bundled awareness pack, or individual items à la carte. Are you an employee of a downtown business? Ask your boss about purchasing an awareness pack.

Awareness Pack Bundle

Includes Small Window Cling, Coasters, Table Tents and Information Cards

Individual Items

Sponsor A Meter

Your business can help sustain the Know Outlets campaign when it sponsors a Know Outlets Meter to be located outside of your storefront or in a high traffic area in downtown Indianapolis.

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Outlets For Individuals

Resources For The Homeless

Discover more outlets to support Indy’s homeless in the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention & Prevention (CHIP)’s Handbook of Help, a list of local resources in Indianapolis or visit

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